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How Much Would Everyone On Earth Each Have To Spend To Buy Up All The Newly Mined Bitcoin Per Day?

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There are about 900 brand new bitcoins mined/created per day. There are about 7 billion people on Earth.

So splitting all 900 new bitcoins equally, allocating an equal share of all of these to everyone on Earth each day, would result in 900/7,000,000,000 bitcoins = about 0.00000012857 bitcoins per person.

A bitcoin is divisible by 100,000,000, each of which is called a ‘satoshi’ (a.k.a. a ‘sat’).

So our above figure of 0.00000012857 bitcoins equals approximately 13 satoshi (or 13 sats).

How much is a satoshi worth in today’s (August 2023) dollars?

One satoshi is currently worth about $0.0002.

So 13 times this amount comes to about $0.0026. This is how much each person on Earth would have to spend to buy up all 900 newly created bitcoins each day.

Additional notes:

1. If you do the above calculations with only the population of America (about 330 million people), rather than for everyone on Earth, you get 900/330,000,000 = 0.00000273 bitcoins = 273 sats. At today’s Bitcoin prices, 273 sats is worth about $0.05.

2. After the next Bitcoin halving takes place in April/May 2024, the number of Bitcoins being created each day halves from about 900 to 450, so assuming one bitcoin is worth the same in dollars as it is today after that (unlikely), the above figure of $0.0026 halves to $0.0013 per day.

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